Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm Not Anti-Social - Are You???


New Site includes Instructional Videos, Countdown Clock & Text Messaging Updates - Join Now and Win!

July has arrived and final preparations are underway for the most exciting Teen Masters ever! To help you get ready for the 2008 Teen Masters National Championships, we've launched a new social website that will help to keep you up to date with everything to do with the Teen Masters.

Highlights Include:

Guide To Teen Masters Success - Our friends at the world famous Kegel Training Center have created a series of short videos to help you conqueur the challenging Teen Masters lane conditions. The first video is already up (http://teenmastersbowling.ning.com/video), and the remaining videos will be posted later this week.

Teen Masters Countdown Clock - Want to know exactly how much time remains until the first ball is rolled in the first Teen Masters practice session? Our countdown clock is clicking off the Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds so you don't have to keep looking at your watch.

Real Time Updates - Want up to know immediately who lead the first block of A Squad? Want to be among the first to know that Dexter After Dark is open? Sign up today to receive real time updates on your cell phone (you can easily unsubscribe when the event is over).

Vote - We want your opinions about what we should offer at the Teen Masters and this is where we'll ask. Right now you can tell us if we should have a Karaoke Night. Next you'll choose between the musical offerings of Lawence Welk and Rihanna. Don't vote and who knows what you'll be listening to during practice and breaks.

Sign up before July 10th and you just might find yourself the winner of a special prize package from Ebonite and Dexter! Visit http://TeenMastersBowling.ning.com now!

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