Monday, July 14, 2008

Last Call for the 2008 Teen Masters National Championships!

The Teen Masters is not an ordinary event in that we provide many items which must be customized and ordered in advance. We are barely one week away from balls being thrown in competition in Las Vegas, and I have several deadlines rushing at me at what feels like the speed of light.

If you intend to compete in the Last Chance Tournament or the 2008 Teen Masters National Championships, I encourage (okay - beg) you to register online today - right now. Doing so will allow me the best chance of providing you with the best experience possible (compared, for example, with giving you an official credential or writing your name on a piece of cardboard in crayon and pinning it to your shirt).

Speaking of experiences. I strongly encourage each and every one of you to join us for the Welcome Celebration on Sunday evening at 7 pm. I appreciate that $30 is a serious amount of money to pay for a menu of burgers, hot dogs, and pizza, but the evening is about so much more than just food. The Teen Masters isn't just about bowling - it is about preparing kids for what lies ahead in life! Your presence on Sunday evening will help accomplish that goal.

As for Dress Code - our rules require that all athletes wear black slacks during Teen Masters competition and the Teen Masters shirts they will be provided upon arrival in Vegas (2007 Teen Masters shirts may also be worn). This rule does not apply to the practice sessions, Double Trouble, Alibi, Blind Draw Team Cup, Scores Strikes & Spares, or the Match Play Madness. Casual wear including jeans, shorts and T-shirts are allowed during the side comepetitions. Kegel Kup teams may elect to wear matching team shirts/uniforms.

Speaking of the Kegel Kup - as anticipated, several teams are finding one or more members unable to make the trip to Vegas due to financial issues, illness, injury, etc. The rules allow for a missing team member to be replaced only by an athlete who meets the same eligibility criteria: either bowled 21 games this past season at the same center or attended the same high school. I will be having each and every team submit a final team roster upon arrival in Las Vegas. Even without a full team roster, the remaining team members will compete for the Teen Masters singles titles.

As my business couldn't function without email, I am amazed by those who go weeks at a time without checking theirs. We are now in crunch time for the 2008 Teen Masters, and I encourage you to check your email daily for any urgent updates.

I also encourage everyone to visit our site and subscribe to our Real-Time Updates by entering your cell phone number. We promise to use this function sparingly for important news, and you can unsubscribe easily when the event is over. But if any critical information develops, you will have it instantly! In fact, the first message will come early next week announcing the Teen Masters Rock Star winners! Be among the first to know by subscribing today!

That is it for today - I am off to Vegas!

Safe travels everyone!!!

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